Is your body a trusted guide or an inconvenience?

Is your body a trusted guide or an inconvenience? Is your body your best friend, an ally, or an obstacle that just gets in the way every time you want to move forward in your life?  

Do you treasure your body?  Do you worship your body from soles of your feet and the edges of your toes to the curves of your knees to the width of your chest and up to the top of your precious head?

Do you trust your body? Do you listen when it whispers, or screams, or shouts with excitement?

Do you sit on the porch drinking sweet tea with your body under the warmth of the afternoon sun, sharing stories and silence?

How do you speak to your body? What is the tone you use to address it? And how often, dear one, do you truly stop and listen to what it has to say?

Do you greet your body in the morning?  Have you ever given it a high-five or a hug or let it linger in the sunlight in the perfect spot until it purred with delight?  

You are the precious caretaker of this perfect and flawed and miraculous body.  You have the opportunity to choose how you relate to your body in every moment.  You can choose to speak to and listen to your body with curiosity, care, and trust.  Or to treat it with suspicion, or contempt, or ignore it completely.  And it's okay and probably pretty normal if that is what your relationship with your body is like.  Many people (myself included) have learned to regard their bodies with something less than trust and acknowledgment and it can be a struggle choosing a different relationship.

Even if your relationship with your body is complicated, murky, or downright dysfunctional, you have an opportunity to choose to treat your body with respect, kindness, and warmth.  Or at least to offer your body a tall glass of water or a shoulder rub (go ahead and try it now while you're reading).  

It might be helpful for you to invite a guide that you trust to help clear the air and help you treat your own body with curiosity and care.  If this is something you want, there are many paths, but I'd be honored to help you connect through coaching.

Who would you be if you trusted your body?  If you began to revere your uniquely human form?  What would shift for you if you let your body guide you and leaned in to listen to its secrets and longings?

Who would you be if you cared for your body as you would care for a precious child or your own best friend?


An invitation for you and your precious body:


The next time you get dressed, let your body take the lead.  You may want to take take a little extra time after a shower or bath and let your body tell you what it wants.  

Savor the touch and the desires of your body and pay attention as you towel off, moisturize, and get ready for the day (or evening).  What fabric does your body crave against your skin? How does it want to be touched when you towel off? Does it crave simplicity, or adventure, or ease?


Ask your body.  Experiment.  Pay attention to what you observe. 

What happens when you adorn your precious body and listen to its longings?