On unexpected kindness, and a cup of coffee that changed my day

I want to tell you about how a moment of unexpected kindness surprised me in the best possible way.  


I was feeling anxious and distracted trying to find the new dance studio where I had just signed up to take a class.  Coupled with a morning that involved waking up at 3am and being unable to fall back asleep, I was less than pumped, despite the fact that an 8am class sounded like a great idea when I signed up for it the previous night.

I found a parking space easily (score!) and decided to grab a cup of coffee across the street since I was early.  I stumbled into the shop in a sleepy daze and was greeted by the biggest megawatt smile and a warm "how are you?"

I was so surprised, I stumbled a bit before returning a hello and asking for a cup of coffee.  I asked him about his day and he said it was off to a good start since his coffee was already kicking in and I smiled.

As he handed me a small cup, I felt a warm glow and felt like someone had turned a lightbulb in my heart.  I stopped worrying about the dance class my lack of sleep, and felt warm, grateful, and well, happy.

I realize it might sound terribly ordinary, but that encounter with the cashier transformed my morning.  I can still feel a warm glow thinking about his kindness and the warmth I felt at really being seen and welcomed by another human being.

It made me wonder about the opportunity that each one of us has to change a person's day.

Kindness is always available to you.  No matter where you are, who you are with, or what you might be feeling, you have the power to improve another person's life, simply by connecting with genuine warmth and care.

May I never forget the value of kindness (even before I have my first cup of coffee) ;)