I want to live in a world where afternoon tea breaks are mandatory, mailboxes overflow with handwritten letters, and people wave hello to their neighbors.

As a life coach and yoga teacher, my mission is to inspire and support others in living a vibrant, nourished, lit-from within life that makes them glow!  Clients leave my sessions with greater clarity, peace, and connection to their own wisdom.    

If you’re open, ready, and willing to shift your life, I’m here for you.  I listen, guide, and support you in cultivating a life that overflows with ease, joy, and authentic connection.

Perhaps life feels messy and confusing.  Maybe you want to find yourself a few months from now doing a happy dance during your morning commute. Or perhaps you simply want to transform your relationships into ones that offer relaxed and honest connection with the ones you love.

If you’d like to more ease, joy, and authentic connection in your life, it would be my honor to support you.  Hop over to my calendar to schedule a free 30 minute exploratory call.